Frank Manicapelli – The Master Barber

Our shop manager and lead barber is Frank – a highly skilled and versatile barber with over 25 years of experience. Frank owned and operated several salons in the downtown core of Toronto for several years and has consistently been the go-to guy for the best haircuts imaginable. Several of his clients have been with him for over 2 decades and refuse to have anyone else touch their hair. He has seen major changes and trends over the years in men’s aesthetics, yet continues to deliver progressive and cutting edge performance. His attention to detail and achieving consistent client elation is second to none.

Sean Spence – The Rogue Stylist

With over 16 years of experience, it is trite to say that Sean is passionate over each and every haircut he completes. He regards barbering as the most challenging yet enjoyable field of hair aesthetics and understands that a man’s hairstyle is one of the first things that people notice. His natural talent in assessing hair texture, density and natural growth pattern to achieve optimal results is phenomenal, but not without getting his clients’ thoughts and impressions. Sean combines his skill with a dynamic personality and makes everyone feel amazing not only because of their great cuts, but his genuine commitment to first-rate service and superior results.

Curtis Broomer – Renaissance Barber

Curtis has worked in many fields over the years and is a die-hard philanthropist, but discovered, quite by accident, that his innate calling was to be a barber, and absolutely loves his job. At first blush, he presents as a gentle giant, but immediately wins everyone over with his friendly and alluring disposition, and epitomizes the persona of the ultimate barber. He gives extraordinary cuts to even the most unruly children with his warm and captivating approach and achieves state of the art cuts and fades for the most demanding and discerning clients.